Where to deploy your node.js app [April 2022]

Where to deploy your node.js app [April 2022]

List of services where you can deploy your backend / node application.

These are some of the services I've been trying lately to deploy my backend applications.

Cloudflare Workers

Great DX, docs and community. Free course on egghead.io. Not compatible with all npm packages.


Begin deploys your app to AWS while offering a "vercel-like" frontend. Only compatible with npm for now. They respond quickly by email.


Railway is really promising. The web-app UX/UI reminds me of Linear. Really good docs.


Vercel-like experience for backend apps. Kinda slow if you're on the free tier. Great developer experience and easy to use and get going.

Digital Ocean

Slightly higher learning curve but great option. Tons of tutorials and great documentation.


Pretty much same as Digital Ocean. Really popular for beginners.

Honorable mentions

Flight Control

New tool I haven't had the chance to try yet but looks really promising :)


New tool that also looks promising. Great design. Haven’t tried it yet.


Nice templates and pricing for devs!

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